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Why Us?






...are our core values.

Integrity to take the high road.

Courage to defy common knowledge.

Respect for our team members and our customers.

Service to the ideals of the nation.

Teamwork to accomplish the goal- to get the job done.

Our History- Who are we?

This is the third iteration of the JangooNow website. The first iteration was constructed in the Spring of 2005, while the founders of Jangoo attended the fifth or sixth grade at St. Thomas Choirschool in Manhattan, NY. The website concept was born one Saturday morning, while several members of a circle of friends lamented the fact that they would have to go their idyllic summer without the Asian candy treats that Atticus brought to the table.

Atticus created a catalog, and hired "N.T. Fletch" to build the website. While N.T. Fletch had built websites with HTML coding, he agreed to use Freeweb's easy-builder, which was new at the time. This allowed Atticus to edit the website as necessary. N.T. Fletch was already a web designer,pianist, and blogger; and his fame in these areas grew while he attended high school in his adopted hometown of Middletown, CT.

The second iteration, created on Googlepages, was created at the waning days of Atticus' time at the Choirschool in 2007. To respect the rich heritage and emotions conjured by the first iteration, a wholly new website was built, incorporating links to Atticus' blog and Youtube channel. During his high school years, Atticus' commercial activities were primarily done in-person. The website lingered on; however, the "grand strategy" of expanding commercial activities, and opening to the world was put on hold until college days. Atticus attends KP, a college known for its rigors; and did not have time in his first two years to think about entrepreneurship. In addition, KP's Sea Year schedule meant that students can be away from campus-- and from the internet-- for up to an 8-month period in Sophomore and early Junior year. This was no premise to run an enterprise!

However, returning from 8 months at sea, Atticus still had a place in his heart for Jangoo. It was time to enter the big leagues, and we got a domain name of our own-, one which had been waiting for us since we built our first website.

A more detailed history, naming the movers and shakers of the past, will be included in a forthcoming book, Sawatzki's Mind.